Music Created By Dani Tanzella



Composed by Dani Tanzella.

With special thanks to John Bajowski for his contributions.

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Dani's comments:

Here are the six key elements I've included in the musical score for 



The tempo (speed) of the piece is set at 88 beats per minute.

The human heart rate is normally between 60-100bpm, and I wanted to stay in this range so the listeners would experience a sync with the tempo of the piece. I chose 88bpm exactly because the number 8 represents the buddhist eightfold noble path, 

as well as the concept of "infinity" with the shape of the 8. 


Connection throughout time and space

The entire piece is built on a looped/repeated chord progression that can be played either forward or backward (which it is, and it's also played with some parts forward and some backward). This represents the concept of connection, collective consciousness, and the limitlessness of time/space. 



I wrote two piano motifs (or micro-melodies), one for "Aunt Joni" and one for "Nephew". These motifs continue to talk with each other throughout the piece, even sometimes deep within the instrumentation. There are guitar motifs to represent masculinity and the earth. And there are cello motifs to represent femininity and the ethereal/ancestors.   



There are many kinds of layers (sometimes two parts, sometimes many, many parts). This represents an unfolding, a building/weaving feeling, and creates interest and variety. I've included piano, cello, electric bass, electric guitar, acoustic/electric guitar, voice, mandolin, drums.


Resilience and Awakening

The repetition/looping of the chord progression creates a meditation and unwinding of the mind. The vibrational levels of the instrumentation I chose, and the layers of instrumental sounds hit at the core body. You will feel this piece in your 

heart/chest the most. 



There are lots of elements that were improvised in real-time while we were in the meditation of the chord progression. Creating music in the moment requires muting the ego mind and tapping into “flow." This process represents mystery, a connection to the self, and a deep understanding of one's place in the greater picture.