Are you socially or physically isolated and looking for a community to connect with?

Are you wanting to expand your network of friends and family?

Are you suffering from cognitive decline?

Are you grieving?

Are you wanting to have a fun and wonderful time interacting with other people?


Find Your Wavelength Participatory Zoom Groups is a new offering from Torch Time Tales. In this Zoom series, we aim to create a space where folks can come together and share their life experiences with each other. We are particularly interested in creating an online community space for people who are socially or physically isolated from others and you are especially encouraged to join if you are a retiree or reside in an assisted living facility.


Torch Time Tales is a 3-part book series that covers topics such as, spirituality, philosophy, history, genealogy, new-thought, and science. With this Zoom series, we hope to bring participants attention to the intersection of spirituality and science and the role that these two houses of thought play in their own lives.


Each group will have a size limit of 12 members and a group facilitator to ensure that everyone gets a chance to speak. 

Come Zoom With Us!

We aim to find a date and time that works for everyone so please fill in the questionnaire below.