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Would You Consider a Direct Donation to Our Ongoing Efforts?


Other than the generous donation of professional time given by many toward these efforts, we are funded by Joni’s perpetual literary living trust, dedicated to the elimination of ignorance and poverty.  This for-purpose trust has been established to last up to ninety-nine years under California law and can be extended.

Going forward, we are seeking both institutional, as well as corporate sponsors and partners to help us as we publish and release volumes one through three, along with the corresponding curriculum.  Documentaries, a series, and motion pictures, along with a virtual reality project are also in the planning stages.

As a living trust, contributions to these efforts are not tax-deductible to you.  The IRS allows up to $16,000 to be gifted to any one individual (or in this case, Joni’s living trust) in any one year, without further reporting. Gifts of any type exceeding that amount may require gift tax reporting.  Please consult your tax advisor.

If you know others who would be greatly impacted by the book, and have the capacity to do so, it would be great if you would consider buying additional copies to give away yourself. 

We are happy to accept your direct gifts toward a specific purpose if so stated.  For example, we would love to be able to give more copies of the book away to those who might not be able to afford the retail prices.  The materials are meant for global distribution. Unspecified donations beyond book give-aways will be directed to ongoing production expenses until other programs are also brought online.

If any of this work moves you, help us help others!


We welcome your involvement and support!

A Donation


Thank you for helping us Pass The Torch! For every $10 we receive we are able to pass on one book to another.

Our requested minimum donation is $20, but you can enter any custom donation you would like on the cart page!

Please donate any amount you would like, even the smallest spark can start a blaze!